Wanted:Academic leaders and researchers,2013年暨南大学海外优秀人才现场招聘 (耶鲁大学, 2013年10月5-6日) Jinan University
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Introduction of Key Laboratory:
Guangdong Provincial Key Laboratory of Immunology and Antibody Engineering
(LIAE) is a Province founded Key laboratory at Jinan University. Originally
based on the Center of Antibody Engineering of Jinan University and newly
inaugurated in 2011, LIAE values challenging and longer-term research
initiatives, deep collaboration and innovation through integration. Located in
Guangzhou, China, LIAE currently involves two research teams with two Principle
investigators, three associate professors, one lecturer, four technicians and 61
graduate students.

Main focus on research: ①Monoclonal antibody and immunoassay;②Humanized
antibody and pharmacodynamics;③Novel tumor related biomarker; ④Molecular

In recent five years, our institute has taken more than 35 programs supported by
national scientific research, national “863” programs and local research fund.
With strong support from the national specific research program and provincial
funding, we are now working on six programs. LIAE laboratory offers generous
institutional funding for personnel, laboratory consumables and equipments, and
competitive employment benefits.

Main focus on education: undertake education for graduate studies in:
Fundamental Immunology, Immunological Chemistry and Antibody Engineering;
undertake education for undergraduate studies in: Immunology, Animal Cell
Engineering and Food Immunology Analytical Techniques.

Field for PhD study: Immunological Chemistry and Antibody Techniques under the
major of Biological Chemistry and Molecular Biology;

Field for Master study: Antibody Techniques and Immunology.

We are now ready for a significant expansion. Applications are cordially invited
for 2-3 positions at the levels of:

Academic leader or Principle investigator (PI): We are recruiting up to 2
outstanding scientists seeking to establish independent research programs in
full time.
Co-Principle investigator (Co-PI): We are looking for young and promising
scientists who will take up co-PI positions. Co-PI work could be half time,
which requires 150 minimum working days per year.

Requirement for Positions:

1.        Education and research background of immunology are required.
Applicants are expected to be familiar with antibody techniques and
applications, perspectives and newly development in international frontier.

2.        Successful applicants are expected to team up with their respective
PIs to run scientific programs, or lead independent research programs in
antibody sciences with strong team work spirit.

3.        Competitive applicants are expected to be equipped with intense
interest in science, passion of work and precision of academic studies.

4.        Candidates are expected to have three years working experience in
university or institute in English-speaking countries, and have reached to
assistant professor level.

5.        Successful applicants who participate in the aforementioned area will
be encouraged to apply for national and local research funding together with
joint effort of our institute after 3-5 years.

6.        The applicants should submit a CV and a statement of research
interests including research plan for 3 years. Applicants’ performance is
supposed to be evaluated under assessment program of university.

Offers by Jinan University:

1.        Provide laboratory and sufficient apparatus for scientific work, with
an initial starting founding of 1.5-3 million RMB.

2.        First circle of employment year: 3+2 years; annual salary is around
200-350 thousand RMB.

3.        Generous package of relocation and housing compensation would be
offered under university rule.

Hiring open date: 2013.09.30-2013.12.30

Contact Information:

Human resources of Jinan university:                    Tel: +8620-85220024
Center of antibody engineering:         Junjian Xiang    Tel: +8620-85227003;
Email: txjj@jnu.edu.cn<mailto:txjj@jnu.edu.cn>
PS. We will attend US-China Forum 2013
"Win-win Collaboration in the High-tech field."
Celebration of the 21st annual meeting of CAST-USA (Luce Hall, Yale University,
Oct 05-06, 2013, please contact us freely, send your CV in advance and reserve
an interview.