Position available in GuangDong Institute of Nephrology
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Position available in Institute of Nephrology/肾脏病研究所研究职位
(posted on May 30, 2011)
广东省肾脏病研究所是一家由广东省政府支持的、中国华南地区最大的肾脏病研究中心。研究 所以南方医科大学南方医院为临床基地,从事肾脏疾病的发病机理、病理生理和临床及流行病学研究。研究所拟招聘主要研究员(教授)若干名,从事遗传学、免疫 学、分子生物学或有肾脏病研究背景者从优。聘用待遇将参照受聘人在美国的研究职位,由研究所人事部门与拟受聘者本人共同商定。
Guangdong Provincial Institute of Nephrology, People’s Republic of China, is planning to employ a couple of principle investigators/professors who have experience in genetics, immunology and molecular biology or having experience in research in nephrology. The salary is negotiable according to your specialty, position and offer in USA.
The institute is the largest research centre for renal diseases in South China. Funded by the Guangdong Provincial Government, the institute has its base at Nanfang Hospital of Southern Medical University, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province. For decade, the institute specializes in both basic and clinic research on renal diseases.
You are welcome to join us if you plan to develop your career in China. We believe the rapid economic development of Guangdong province and the open academic atmosphere in the research centre will provide you a great opportunity for career success and happy life.
Contact information:
Dr. Fanfan hou (ffhouguangzhou@163.com)
or via Dr. Yiqiang.Cai (yiqiang.cai@yale.edu)